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Movember is more than just a month of growing moustaches. It’s a global movement that aims to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. There are also plenty of ideas for Movember 2023, as it’s also a great opportunity to have some fun, challenge yourself and connect with others for a good cause.

But how can you make the most of Movember 2023? How can you get involved, get creative and get inspired? Here are some ideas for Movember 2023 that will help you make this month the most memorable one of the year.

Grow a Mo, Save a Bro

The classic way to participate in Movember is to grow a moustache and ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. You can choose any style of mo’ you like, from the handlebar to the horseshoe, from the pencil to the walrus. The only rule is that you start the month clean-shaven and let your mo’ grow for the whole month.

Growing a mo’ is not only a great conversation starter, but also a powerful way to show your support for men’s health. You can also join or start a team with other mo’ bros and mo’ sisters, and compete for prizes and glory.

One approach we love (especially for those who are challenged in the facial hair department), is nominating someone in the workplace to grow a mo’. Colleagues can vote to choose the length and style of the moustache and sponsor them in return. This works especially well if the one doing the growing is higher up in the business!

For more information about fundraising and donating to Movember, head to their website.

Move for Movember

If growing a mo’ is not your thing, or you want to do more, you can also ‘Move for Movember’. This means getting physically active and setting yourself a challenge that suits your fitness level and goals. You can run, walk, cycle, swim, hike, dance or do any other activity that gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing.

The idea is to move 60 km over the month, which represents the 60 men we lose to suicide every hour across the world. You can do it solo or with a team. You can also ask your supporters to donate per km or per hour of activity. Moving for Movember is not only good for your health, but also for your mood and motivation.

Tying in with the physical health aspect, you could also host some workshops or webinars for staff, helping to promote good heart health, for example.

Host a Mo-ment

Another way to join the Movember movement is to host a ‘mo-ment’. This is a fun and easy way to bring people together, virtually or in person, and raise funds and awareness for men’s health. You can host any kind of event you like, such as a:

  • Trivia night
  • Gaming tournament
  • Karaoke party
  • Bake sale
  • Raffle.

The key is to make it enjoyable and engaging for everyone involved, and to ask for donations or charge an entry fee. You can also use the event to share some facts and stories about men’s health, and encourage people to check in on their friends and colleagues.

Mo’ Your Own Way

If none of the above options appeal to you, or you want to do something more adventurous or creative, you can also mo’ your own way. This means choosing your own challenge that is epic in scope and scale, and that pushes you out of your comfort zone. You can make up your own rules and set your own targets.

For example, you could shave your head or dye your hair in support of men’s health. You could learn a new skill or hobby that challenges you mentally or physically. You could give up something that you love or that is bad for you for the whole month. The sky is the limit when it comes to mo-ing your own way.

Host a Men’s Health Workshop this Movember

Movember is a great opportunity to raise awareness around men’s health in the workplace, so why not host a series of workshops or webinars this November? Click below to find out more.

Host a Men’s Health Workshop this Movember

Movember is a great opportunity to raise awareness around men’s health in the workplace, so why not host a series of workshops or webinars this November? Click below to find out more.

Movember in the Workplace

Movember is not only a personal challenge, but also a team-building opportunity. You can get your workplace involved in Movember by creating or joining a corporate team, and encouraging your co-workers to grow, move or host with you. You can also organise some fun activities in the office or online, such as:

  • A mo-off contest where people vote for the best or worst moustache in the team.
  • A dress-down day where people wear something related to Movember, such as fake moustaches, hats or shirts.
  • A men’s health workshop where an expert speaker talks about topics such as prostate cancer screening, mental health tips or stress management.
  • A donation matching scheme where your employer matches the funds raised by the team.

Movember in the workplace is not only good for morale and culture, but also good for business. It shows that your company cares about its employees and its community, and that it supports a worthy cause.


So there you have some great ideas for Movember 2023. It’s going to be an amazing month of fun, challenge and impact. Whether you grow a mo, move for Movember, host a mo-ment, mo your own way or get your workplace involved, you will make a difference in men’s health and save lives. So what are you waiting for? Time to get planning!

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