Workplace Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness techniques to help tackle everyday worries and anxieties

Improve Staff Resilience with Workplace Mindfulness Training

Our Workplace Mindfulness Training can be delivered as two 30-minute sessions or as a single 60-minute course. It is specifically tailored to provide your employees with mindfulness techniques that will help them to deal with anxiety, worry and any overwhelming emotions, whilst also helping to reduce feelings of isolation.

The group sessions will provide them with the opportunity to feel connected to their colleagues, leaving them feeling less isolated and with a sense of purpose, as mindfulness techniques can be woven into their day-to-day lives. Mindfulness skills will help strengthen their resilience and focus and help to increase their concentration levels.

A woman practises journalling after participating in workplace mindfulness training
Colleagues take a walk outside following workplace mindfulness training

Workplace Mindfulness Training Outcomes

This course is designed as an introduction to mindfulness as a whole and includes several exercises and techniques for participants to take away.

Despite being an introductory course, this will also be of benefit to those who are already using mindfulness techniques in their day-to-day lives.

Attendees will learn techniques to help them deal with anxiety and overwhelming emotions. These skills will help staff become more resilient and help to improve their mental health.


1 hour

No. of Attendees

8 - 25 delegates per session

Who is this for?

Perfect for all employees


Face-to-face or via an online platform


Workpacks included

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