Employee Vitamin D Testing

Medically validated vitamin D testing and awareness

UK-Wide Employee Vitamin D Testing

Workplace Vitamin D Testing is ideal in the autumn and winter months when most UK staff will be vitamin D deficient.

A lack of Vitamin D can cause bones to become soft and weak as the minerals needed to keep them strong cannot get to the bone. This can lead to bone deformities and a condition called osteomalacia, which causes bone pain, muscle weakness and tenderness.

In addition to bone health, low Vitamin D levels can also affect energy levels and performance. It can also impact the immune system, which could have an affect on general employee sickness and absence.

An employee works on a laptop outside to soak up some sun after attending vitamin d testing
Friends on a beach soaking up some vitamin D

How does Vitamin D Testing work?

Vitamin D Testing is simple to carry out. Our practitioner uses a small finger-prick device to draw a droplet of blood from the attendee’s finger.

This blood is then applied to a sample strip and analysed using a specialised vitamin D analysis device.

After a few minutes, the results are available, so the practitioner can determine the attendee’s vitamin D levels.

Throughout the session, the practitioner will discuss the benefits of vitamin D, and will provide attendee’s advice based on their individual scores.


Full-day event

No. of Attendees

Up to 39 attendees per day

Who is this for?

Prospective for the whole team


Face-to-face in your workplace


On a date of your choosing


Anonymised post-event report included

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