The Employee Mental Health Support Course

Employee mental health support, making mental health conversations easier

Workplace Mental Health Support and Training for Employees

Positive employee mental health is one of the most crucial aspects of modern workplaces.

Giving your staff the skills to look after their own mental health, as well as supporting the mental health of their colleagues, should be an important part of any wellbeing strategy.

This course gives attendees the basic skills they’ll need to help support themselves and others.

A home-worker attends an employee mental health support course
Two staff members talk after attending employee mental health support training

Employee Mental Health Support Course learning objectives

The Employee Mental Health Course covers the key aspects of mental health in the workplace. Attendees will cover the following topics:

  • Having positive mental health at work and at home.
  • Actively promoting mental health at work.
  • Reducing the stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental health at your work.
  • Developing your active listening skills.
  • Recognising if you or your colleagues need support and treatment and know-how to access it.
  • Supporting your own recovery and that of your colleagues.
  • Knowing what to do if a colleague is in crisis.


3 hours

No. of Attendees

8 - 25 delegates per session

Who is this for?

Perfect for all staff


Face-to-face or via an online platform




Workpacks included

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