Workplace Menopause Support

Testing and workshops to support all staff around menopause

Menopause in the Workplace

Workplace menopause support is becoming increasingly more important. Menopause typically starts between the ages of 45 and 55, which is one of the fastest-growing demographics in the UK workforce.

Opening the conversation and building awareness around menopause is one of the best ways to support all of your staff when it comes to this important life stage.

To help support your workplace, we offer:

  • Menopause self-testing kits.
  • Menopause awareness workshops.
A group of women engaged in a workplace menopause support session
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Menopause Testing Services

New Leaf Health can provide Menopause Testing for your workplace to help support your occupational health strategy, or as part of an overall wellbeing initiative.

This is a simple self-test, used in a similar manner to an over-the-counter pregnancy test. We have two options available for the delivery of these tests:

  • Facilitated testing: We provide tests to your workplace, supplemented by a webinar workshop.
  • Champion-led testing: We provide the tests to your workplace, and your Wellbeing Champions encourage uptake and point people towards further support.

Workplace Menopause Support Workshop

We are also able to offer standalone menopause workshops without the testing service. These can be delivered on-site or online and are suitable for all of your staff, regardless of age or gender.

Workshops are designed to look at the symptoms of menopause, the effects it has on physical and mental health, as well as the best way that people experiencing menopause can support themselves. The sessions also look at how those not experiencing menopause (or won’t) can offer support.

A group of women pose following a workplace menopause support session


Full-day event

No. of Attendees

Up to 39 attendees per day

Who is this for?

Prospective for the whole team


Face-to-face in your workplace


On a date of your choosing


Anonymised post-event report included

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