People-Focused Workplace Wellbeing Services

We put people at the heart of workplace wellbeing to create happier, healthier and more productive workplaces

A woman taking part in a workplace health screening sitting opposite a New Leaf Health workplace wellbeing practitioner

Hundreds of UK businesses love working with us

A New Leaf Health workplace wellbeing practitioner talking to a woman about her health check results

Putting people back at the heart of workplace wellbeing

Data, dashboards, and AI are great tools. But they don’t understand the barriers your colleagues face to improving their wellbeing.

Apps and online solutions isolate your colleagues. They don’t know that Nathan in IT is struggling to cut down on processed foods. Or that Priya in sales is struggling with workload due to problems at home.

We bring people back into workplace wellbeing. Our team of experienced practitioners understand behaviour change. We use our real-life experience to relate to your colleagues, learn their problems, and help get them on the path to a happier, healthier future.

We understand wellbeing and know how to make it work

Workplace wellbeing with personality

We connect and empathise with your colleagues to encourage real behaviour change.

We fit the needs of your business

We work with your unqiue business needs. Even if that means we join you on the night shift!

Evidence-based workplace wellbeing

We’ve been doing wellbeing since 1996, starting with public behaviour change for local authorities.

Our clients love working with us

“Superb service from the first enquiry through to the delivery of the event itself.

James is an excellent practitioner who clearly has an in-depth knowledge and a passion for the subject.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Health Screening Days from New Leaf. The feedback we’ve had from our employees has been incredibly positive.”

Andy Heslop

Occupational Health Advisor

“We’ve run Health Check Point days across seven of our offices and they’ve been a great success.

The New Leaf Health team has been brilliant from start to finish. Our staff very much enjoyed the sessions and found the feedback from the friendly practitioners really helpful.

Thank you New Leaf for helping us find out what we’re made of!

Katherine Beard

Wellbeing Manager

“The team did an absolutely fantastic job. The event was really busy all day and they went over and above to fit everybody in.

Hoping to be able to re-book again for next year!

Overall feedback from staff was really positive, people enjoyed the event and appreciated the time the team spent explaining results.”

Katie Pearson

Senior HR Advisor

With New Leaf Health, your workplace wellbeing is in the right hands

Our Workplace Wellbeing Services

A man undergoing a blood pressure testing as part of an employee health check

Employee Health Checks

Exciting and engaging health checks to keep your workplace happy and healthy.

A woman taking part in an online manager mental health course

Mental Health Training for Managers

Give your workplace leaders the skills to support employee mental health.

A group of colleagues talking and laughing after engaging in a mental health first aid course

Mental Health First Aid Training Courses

Give your staff mental health skills with our MHFA England certified courses.

Two workplace wellbeing champions talking and smiling

Wellbeing Champions Training

Train Champions to help you deliver effective and engaging wellbeing campaigns.

A group of staff chatting after engaging in a workplace wellbeing workshop

Employee Wellbeing Workshops

Tackle specific wellbeing issues in your workplace, to ensure all staff are supported.

Menopause Workshops & Testing

Help your staff understand the effects of menopause and how to get support.

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