Employee Health Checks

Blood pressure and body composition checks for employees

Medically Validated UK-Wide Employee Health Checks

Employee health checks are an ideal way to promote healthy living in your workplace. It gives staff access to information that would otherwise require visiting a medical professional, such as a doctor.

This event, therefore, is a fantastic and interactive way to engage the workforce. By attending, your employees will get to know their blood pressure, body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass and much more.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to review their results with one of our experienced practitioners, to understand how to improve or maintain their results.

A practitioner going over health check results with an attendee as part of employee health checks

What our Clients Think

“We’ve run Health Check Point days across seven of our offices and they’ve been a great success. The New Leaf Health team has been brilliant from start to finish. Our staff very much enjoyed the sessions and found the feedback from the friendly practitioners really helpful. Thank you New Leaf for helping us find out what we’re made of!”

Katherine Beard


How do Employee Health Checks Work?

Blood Pressure Testing

Attendees will use our medically-validated blood pressure monitors to get an accurate score, printed out on a small slip of paper.

A man's arm resting in a blood pressure monitor as part of the employee health check

Height Measure

Next, attendees will use our medical height measure apparatus to get an accurate height – used for calculating BMI.

A man measuring his height as part of the Employee Health Check process

Body Composition Scales

Following this, attendees will then step onto our medically-validated body composition scales. These pass a small (it can’t even be felt) electric signal through the legs – in just a few seconds – to measure body fat, muscle mass and more.

A laptop and Tanita machine that form part of the body composition element of the Employee Health Check

Review and Lifestyle Advice

Then, our practitioner will go through the results with attendees, helping them plot their scores on our tracker sheets. Attendees are free to share their results, or they can keep them private if they wish.

The stat tracker sheet as part of the Employee Health Check

Retesting and Referrals

Finally, if an attendee has high-risk results, particularly blood pressure, our practitioners will invite them back for re-testing later in the day. If an attendee still has high results, they will suggest the next course of action, such as visiting a GP for further testing.

A man recieving advice from a New Leaf Health practitioner as part of the Employee Health Check

An employee having their height measured as part of employee health checks

What's tested during Employee Health Checks?

Our expert practitioners will guide attendees through the testing process, which only takes a few minutes. During this time, attendees will learn their:

    • Blood pressure, plus resting heart rate
    • Body fat percentage
    • Visceral fat rating (the dangerous fat that surrounds internal organs)
    • Body water score
    • Height and BMI
    • Metabolic rate (how your body uses energy)
    • Metabolic age (how your metabolic rate compares to the average for your age)t

At a Glance

Full-day event

Up to 72 attendees per day

Perfect for all staff

Delivered face-to-face in your workplace

Choose a date that works for you

Anonymised post-event report included

More Information about Employee Health Checks

Our Health Check Point Awareness Day functions as a preventative health check. This means that attendees will learn about their risk of a range of serious health conditions, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Heart attack
  • Strokes
  • Type-2 diabetes

Attendees will then receive expert guidance on how to make practical lifestyle changes in order to reduce their risk and to lead a healthier life moving forward.

One of the most prominent at-risk scores that we see in employee health checks is for high blood pressure. Our machines are of clinical standard, so for any attendees with high results (according to Public Health England’s guidelines), we advise that they seek further investigation – whether that’s ongoing monitoring, a visit to their GP, or an urgent trip to hospital.

Getting a GP appointment is incredibly difficult currently, especially for a general health check. That’s why organisations around the UK use our services to help individuals identify key health risks.

Our Employee Health Checks are carried out using guidelines that are in place at a national level in the UK. These include NICE guidelines, NHS guidelines, and information and guidance from the UK government.

So, whilst our checks aren’t carried out by a doctor or a nurse (they’re carried out by a qualified and experienced health practitioner), the tests are of the same standard that you’d expect from a medical setting.

For individuals with at-risk results, they will be able to take their employee health check scores to their GP or care provider for further investigation, safe in the knowledge that the tests were safe and accurate.

This event runs best as a group activity – this way, it allows us to get the most number of attendees tested per day. Additionally, a group format creates a great buzz around the workplace, and can often inspire some friendly competition.

We test groups of 6 people every 30 minutes, which allows us to reach 72 people in a day. Attendees goes through the test stations (blood pressure, body composition scales, and height measure) individually, then come together to have a group review, with lifestyle guidance and goal setting.

Don’t worry, though, as attendees can keep their results private, and are under no obligation to share them.

Our Health Check Point equipment is suitable for almost everyone. The only people who shouldn’t use the equipment are those with a pacemaker or other internal device fitter, and those who are pregnant. This is due to the nature of the body composition scales, which pass a small electrical signal (totally unnoticeable) through the feet.

Attendees who can’t use the scales are still able to have their blood pressure taken, though. They’re also welcome to join the lifestyle review aspect of the sessions, which is still full of useful informatino and takeaways.

All of the equipment we use for our Employee Health Checks is medically validated. In other words, it’s designed to be used in a clinical setting by medical professionals, so you can trust the accuracy of the tests.

The equipment is also used within the NHS as part of national testing programmes such as the NHS Health Checks and Health MOTs.


Employee Health Check results, including blood pressure scores, are printed on small paper receipts that the attendees keep.

Results are also stored automatically on a laptop. We don’t take any names or identifying information, though, so this information is stored completely anonymously.

All of the data collected (anonymously) during the Employee Health Check Day is collated into a report giving you an overview of the health of staff in your workplace.

This report shows stats such as the percentage of staff with at-risk or high:

  • Blood pressure
  • BMI
  • Visceral fat levels
  • Average health (metabolic) age, versus actual age.

These stats will help you inform your wellbeing programme moving forward, identifying areas to help improve their health of your staff.

Employee Health Checks are a great basis for any workplace wellbeing programme. But how do you keep the momentum going as you move forward?

To help your attendees monitor their numbers, we typically recommend retesting after 6 to 12 months. This also allows new staff to get to know their numbers, too. You can do this via a facilitated day, as described on this page, or we can also rent the equipment out to you, so staff can test themselves in their own time.

We can then build on the key health takeaways from the tests with a variety of wellbeing webinars and workshops, if that’s identified as something that would help your business.

We can also explore further testing with your workforce, including cholesterol and blood glucose screening – both of which are indicators of serious cardiovascular diseases.

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