The Employee Wellbeing Survey

Benchmark the state of employee wellbeing in your organisation

The Employee Wellbeing Survey

Knowing is half the battle, as they say. And that’s the benefit of the Employee Wellbeing Survey.

It’s counter-productive to start sanctioning wellbeing services without fully understanding what their impact will be on your employees – and if they’re needed at all.

The Employee Wellbeing Survey is custom built here at New Leaf Health to help you understand the exact wellbeing issues affecting your employees, so that you can formulate an effective wellbeing strategy in response.

A man and a woman sitting on a black leather sofa smiling and reading a booklet as part of the New Leaf Health Employee Wellbeing Survey

How does the survey work?

Initially, we’ll have an online meeting with you or your team to determine if the survey is required, along with your desired outcomes, timings, and any specific questions you’d like to ask.

We then run the Employee Wellbeing Survey so that staff can respond anonymously during a window of time (usually up to a week).

We will then produce an anonymised report, helping determine trends in your workplace, along with insightful information from long-form answers, too.

Finally, we’ll arrange a short consultation to talk through the results, and to help you identify areas of wellbeing that need to be addressed.


Run for a time frame of your choice


Suitable for any size of organisation

Who is this for?

Suitable for the whole workforce


Hosted online using MS Forms


Anonymised report included

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