The Employee Wellbeing Survey

Benchmark the state of employee wellbeing in your organisation

The Employee Wellbeing Survey

Knowing is half the battle, as they say. And that’s the benefit of the Employee Wellbeing Survey.

It’s counter-productive to start sanctioning wellbeing services without fully understanding what their impact will be on your employees – and if they’re needed at all.

The Employee Wellbeing Survey is custom built here at New Leaf Health to help you understand the exact wellbeing issues affecting your employees, so that you can formulate an effective wellbeing strategy in response.

A man and a woman sitting on a black leather sofa smiling and reading a booklet as part of the New Leaf Health Employee Wellbeing Survey

What our Clients Think

“New Leaf Health facilitated and implemented a bespoke wellbeing needs analysis survey to help improve and further develop our long term strategy. The service provided was exceptional throughout – they provided constant communication, updates and support. I would highly recommend New Leaf Health.”

Gary Carr

Wellbeing Lead, Cantebury Academy Trust

The Wellbeing Survey Information

Initially, we’ll have an online meeting with you or your team to determine if the survey is required, along with your desired outcomes, timings, and any specific questions you’d like to ask.

We then run the Employee Wellbeing Survey so that staff can respond anonymously during a window of time (usually up to a week).

We will then produce an anonymised report, helping determine trends in your workplace, along with insightful information from long-form answers, too.

Finally, we’ll arrange a short consultation to talk through the results, and to help you identify areas of wellbeing that need to be addressed.


Our survey has been developed using a number of different resources, to provide a comprehensive overview of wellbeing in your business.

With that in mind, we don’t recommend completely overhauling the survey, however, we encourage adding in some organisation-specific questions. This ensures that the information you obtain will be useful to you.

The Employee Wellbeing Survey is ideal for businesses of any size or sector.

The unique benefit of our survey is that it can be customised to your requirements. For a smaller business where departments may only be one or two people, for example, using departments as a demographic breakdown may not be suitable. If that’s the case, we just take it out!

Our survey works great ‘out of the box’, but we’ll always have a discussion with you prior to deployment to make sure you’ll get the information you need.

We host the survey online using Microsoft Forms – it’s a reliable, flexible service that’s easy to use.

Your staff won’t need to sign in to complete the survey – it’s all anonymous. We’ll provide you a link to the survey that you can distribute, whether that’s to work emails, personal emails, or even displayed around the workplace using a QR code – we can help with that last one, too!

If you’ve read all of the information above, you may be wondering why you couldn’t just create and run the survey yourself. And you could, however, you miss out on three key benefits:

  • New Leaf’s Expertise: We’ve been running workplace wellbeing programmes since 1996. We work with a variety of businesses all over the UK, so we know what information will be important to you, and how to get it.
  • Using a Wellbeing Provider: By running the survey with New Leaf, you’re showing your staff that you’re serious about wellbeing by using a workplace wellbeing provider. This way, you’re more likely to receive truly honest responses, as your staff may feel more comfortable providing information to an external, unbiased organisation.
  • Our Support: Once you’ve got the survey responses, what do you do with the information? We run orgnisations’ wellbeing programmes on a daily basis, so we know how to address key areas of weakness and strength that are identified in your survey results. We’re not going to sell you something you don’t want or need – we’re just going to give you the best advice, and if you want to use our service based on that, we’re here to help!

At a Glance

Run for a time frame of your choice

Suitable for the whole workforce

Great for any size organisation

Hosted online using MS Forms

Anonymised results and report included

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