Workplace Neurodiversity Awareness Training

Raising awareness around neurodiversity at work

Promote understanding of neurodiversity at work

The Workplace Neurodiversity Awareness Training course is a 60-minute workshop designed to promote the acceptance and inclusion of individuals with neurodiversities at work.

The workshop focuses on awareness around various neurodiverse conditions, as well as looking at ways that everyone can help individuals with neurodiversities feel more included and appreciated in their working environment.

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Two colleagues engaging in an activity around workplace neurodiversity awareness training
Two colleagues working together following workplace neurodiversity awareness training

Workplace Neurodiversity Awareness Learning Objectives

This workshop is designed to give delegates a general overview of neurodiversity in the workplace as a whole.

Learning takes places through education, in addition to activities. By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • An understanding of a variety of common neurodiverse conditions that may affect work.
  • The language to communicate effectively and inclusively around neurodiversity.
  • Various ways to create an inclusive work environment for those who may be neurodiverse.


1 hour

No. of Attendees

8 - 25 delegates per session

Who is this for?

Perfect for all staff in the workplace


Face-to-face or via an online platform


PDF activity booklet included

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