Workplace Massage Service

Over-the-clothes chair massages for staff

Workplace Massage Service for Staff

A workplace massage service is a fantastic way to help colleagues reduce the physical symptoms of stress. It can also help promote relaxation and provide employees a much-needed energy boost

These massages are carried out over-the-clothes, and are pressure point-style massages, focusing on the whole of the back, neck and shoulders, arms, hands and head.

Sessions are carried out with the receiver sitting in a specially designed chair, meaning there is almost no disruption to their daily work routine.

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A masseuse giving an employee a massage as part of a workplace massage service
A masseuse giving an employee a massage as part of a workplace massage service

How does a Workplace Massage Service Work?

Our experienced and professional masseuse attends your workplace with everything needed – you just need to provide a quiet, private space for the appointments to take place.

The day can be run as drop-in sessions, where attendees just turn up for an appointment, or you can run them by booking only, to ensure everyone who wants an appointment can get one.


15-minute appointments

No. of Attendees

Up to 22 attendees per day

Who is this for?

Perfect for the whole team


Face-to-face in your workplace


On a date of your choosing

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