Movember in the workplace

All of the information you need to know about Movember in the workplace and how to recognise this campaign at work

What is Movember?

So you’re looking at how you can celebrate Movember in the workplace. But before we get to that, let’s look at exactly what Movember is.

Movember is an annual campaign designed to raise awareness around men’s health issues. Specifically, it is focused on:

  • Mental health and suicide prevention
  • Prostate cancer
  • Testicular cancer

The aim is to raise awareness of these (mostly preventable) issues, and ultimately help men live longer, happier lives.

A man leaning against a handrail in the sun
The New Leaf Health Workplace Wellbeing Calendar, highlighting Movember in the Workplace

When is Movember 2023?

Helpfully, the Movember campaign takes place during its namesake month every year – November.

Just because November is the month of the campaign, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go either side a little bit, though! Any time to promote awareness around men’s health issues is a good time.

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Is Movember in the workplace just for Men?

Traditionally, men would recognise the Movember campaign by growing a mo’ – a moustache, in other words.

Obviously, this doesn’t work for everyone, though. Those who are folicularly challenged in the facial region wouldn’t be able to get involved.

That’s why the Movember campaign has evolved to include a range of different awareness raising activities, suitable for everyone and not just men. Some of the activities promoted by the official campaign include:

  • Growing a moustache.
  • Participating in a ‘Move’ challenge – walking or running a distance.
  • Hosting a ‘Mo-ment’ – organising an activity, like a quiz, to help raise awareness.
  • ‘Mo’ your own way’ – get creative with your idea!
A woman holding her hair over her lip like a mustache, celebrating movember in the workplace

How can businesses celebrate Movember in the workplace?

Celebrating Movember in the workplace can be tough. You’ve got to find something that’s inclusive, achievable and, most importantly, will help raise awareness.

Some ideas we suggest include:

  • Running a workplace physical activity challenge.
  • Holding an office quiz.
  • Nominate someone to grow a mo’ – then vote on the style, shape and length for them!
  • Host a fancy-dress party.
  • Run some men’s health webinars or workshops.
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