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With our wealth of experience at New Leaf Health, we’re uniquely positioned as workplace wellbeing consultants.

Not only do we have a broad range of of technical knowledge around the subject of workplace wellbeing, but unmatched hands-on, practical experience, too.

Whether you’re looking for some advice on your current strategy and interventions, or are starting from the ground-up, we can help.

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How our Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy can Help

We are well equipped to support you in a variety of areas of workplace wellbeing, including:

  • Developing a workplace wellbeing strategy.
  • Creating a wellbeing needs assessment for your workforce.
  • Bespoking wellbeing services to support your existing provisions (EAP etc.)
  • Implementing a multi-stage customised wellbeing programme over longer periods of time.
  • Sourcing and developing new wellbeing interventions for your workforce.

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