Developing Health Promoting Workplaces

There are many issues that can affect your employees wellbeing and ability to perform at their best. This can impact on absenteeism and presenteeism which in turn can affect your bottom line. With over twenty years of experience in Workplace Wellbeing we are the ideal partner to help you develop and deliver a workplace wellbeing programme that will make your workplace 'Health promoting'. The New Leaf Health model is based on the principles of good practice and evidence based wellbeing approaches. Working with many clients from all business sectors, our structured approach is both flexible and adaptable. Our research and development processes ensure that our practices and programme are relevant, current and continuously evolving.

What Our Clients Say About Us


Simple easy to understand facts and figures, with a practitioner who really put across the message simply and succinctly.

- June 2017 -


Really good service promotes a healthy happy workforce!

- July 2017 -


Phil Olding was a fantastic presenter and facilitator - he engaged the audience and left them with a lot valuable insight to take-away.

- May 2017 -

Our News

Flu Vaccine Clinic

As most of us may be aware, the Winter months can be testing when it comes to looking after the wellbeing of your workforce.   Luckily New Era booked an onsite Flu Vaccination Clinic, provided by Well Pharmacy, to protect their staff.   Why not protect your employees from the...

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National Know Your Numbers Week

This week is National Know Your Numbers Week, a campaign created by Blood Pressure UK (the UK’s largest blood pressure testing and awareness event). This year’s theme is STOP stroke; encouraging people to have their blood pressure measured, which will give a reflection on their current health status, so the...

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Champion’s Training

Today New Leaf Health’s highly experienced practitioner, Matt, shared his vast knowledge with a group of Wellbeing Champions to advise them on how to use our NL Health Check Point to the best of their ability throughout their monthlong rental programme. This covered how to set-up the equipment, check the...

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