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Our free Diabetes Risk Poster highlights some key stats and directs your staff to use the Diabetes UK Risk Calculator, perfect for Diabetes Week 2024

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How Our Free Diabetes Risk Poster Helps Your Workplace

Diabetes is one of the biggest health problems facing the world today. Type-2 diabetes in particular is problematic, as it usually develops as a result of poor lifestyle and diet, along with a lack of exercise. In other words, many cases can be prevented.

Our free Diabetes Risk Poster is a fantastic signposting tool for any workplace. It gives staff a few key facts about diabetes, and features a QR code that directs people to the Diabetes UK website. Here, your staff can take a few minutes to fill out the Diabetes Risk Calculator, which will give them a risk score for developing diabetes.

It’s also a great opportunity to tie in with awareness around Diabetes Week, which is taking place from the 10th – 16th June in 2024.

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What are the Risks of Type-2 Diabetes?

Type-2 diabetes is becoming a more common disease in the UK. It’s still an incredibly serious condition, though.

According to the NHS, unmanaged diabetes can lead to problems such as:

  • Heart disease¬†and¬†stroke
  • Loss of feeling and pain (nerve damage)
  • Foot problems, like sores and infections, which could lead to amputation if not treated
  • Vision loss and blindness
  • Miscarriage and stillbirth
  • Problems with your kidneys
  • Sexual problems, like problems getting or keeping an erection

It’s important to keep an eye out for symptoms, and to speak to your doctor about any concerns.

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UK Diabetes Statistics

The NHS spends around 10% of its annual budget on diabetes alone

Type-2 diabetes is on the rise amongst UK adults under the age of 40

Around 13.6 million people in the UK are at risk of developing type-2 diabetes

Type-2 Diabetes Symptoms

Many people wit type-2 diabetes don’t realise they have it, because symptoms aren’t always obvious. Diabetes UK estimates that this number currently sits at around 850,000 people in the UK.

Symptoms to look out for include:

  • Peeing more than usual
  • Feeling thirsty all the time
  • Feeling very tired
  • Losing weight without trying to
  • Itching around your penis or vagina, or repeatedly getting thrush
  • Cuts or wounds taking longer to heal
  • Blurred vision

Additionally, you’re more at risk if you:

  • Are over 40 years old, or over 25 if you’re from an Asian, Black African or Black Caribbean ethnic background
  • Have a close relative with diabetes
  • Are overweight¬† or not physical active
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Diabetes Testing for the Workplace

Type-2 diabetes is one of the biggest health problems facing UK adults currently, with cases on the rise.

Given the detrimental impact it can have on an individual’s life, making sure everyone is aware of the symptoms of diabetes is crucial. Additionally, offering workplace testing is a great way to catch individuals who may not realise they have symptoms, or don’t have time to go to their GP.

Click below to learn about the benefits of Workplace Diabetes Testing.

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