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How Our Free Stress Resource Helps

Stress and pressure are actually good, useful tools. The right amount helps improve our performance and decision making skills. Too much pressure, though, and everything starts to decline and we head towards burnout.

Managing stress and pressure isn’t just about being resilient. You can take active steps to manage stress in your life in a preventative manner.

The stress prevention resource that we’ve put together helps you manage and plan out the various aspects of your life (both at work and at home) to reduce the feelings of stress and overwhelm that can often affect us on a daily basis.

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Is Stress a Good Thing?

We often talk about stress in a negative way. The question ‘How to Cope with Stress?’ tells you all you need to know.

But stress is part of a continuum that begins with pressure. And a healthy amount of pressure is actually a good thing, helping you perform at your best. We just have to prevent it from becoming overwhelming.

Workplace Stress Statistics

79% of people frequently experience work-related stress.

73% of employees cite workload as a cause of stress at work.

88% of people think about work outside of working hours.

How to Cope with Stress

Too much stress and pressure can cause a variety of symptoms. From a mental health perspective, you might feel irritable, overwhelmed, anxious, or unable to switch off. Physically, you could experience panic attacks, sleep problems, fatigue, and even chest pain.

It’s important to see your doctor if you believe you are experiencing signs of excess stress and pressure.

There are strategies you can implement yourself to help improve your resilience, including looking after your own wellbeing, building a communicative support network, and identifying your stress triggers to help prepare for them.

Additionally, organising your time and setting realistic goals for yourself can help you tick off your to-do list without becoming overwhelmed. Download our free time management PDF tool at the top of this page to get started!

Tackling Stress in the Workplace

Work is often one of the main causes of stress in people’s lives. This can be down to a variety of factors, including workload, working relationships, the impact that work has on home life, and the working environment.

Building reslience in the workplace is an incredibly important skill. Here at New Leaf Health, we teach workplaces how to cope with stress, how to spot personal triggers, and how to build resilience for a mentally healthy workplace.

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