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Workplace Wellbeing Calendar for 2024

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Our free workplace wellbeing calendar is packed with the most important dates on the wellbeing calendar throughout 2024. Start building a happier, healthier and more productive workplace – fill out the form to download your free copy.

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One Page per Month Wellbeing Calendar

This year we’ve gone big. Every month has its own page, packed with relveant events from the world of workplace wellbeing.

The pages are A4 landscape, meaning they’re easy to print and pin up on your wall if that’s the way you do it. Plus there’s plenty of place to scribble your own notes and events in, too!

All of our events are colour coded, so you can see when campaigns take place at just a glance. Each page of the wellbeing calendar also includes a little blurb giving you more information and advice about the wellbeing events taking place that month.

An example of the January page from the New Leaf Health Workplace Wellbeing Calendar

Updated Regularly Throughout the Year

We regularly update our wellbeing calendar throughout the year. You’ll notice that not every date has been confirmed yet – that’s because we wait for the official event organiser to announce their dates, rather than guessing or using generic events websites.

We send out the updated wellbeing calendar to our newsletter subscribers throughout the year, so make sure you tick the box to join up on our signup form above! Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to request the latest copy.

Over 60 Important Wellbeing Dates

We make sure that our calendar contains the most important wellbeing event dates from throughout the year, for both physical and mental health. These include:

There are over 60 campaigns included in the calendar, so there’s something to every workplace.
An example of the date from the June page of the New Leaf Health Workplace Wellbeing Calendar

The Best Workplace Wellbeing Calendar

We’ve been producing our calendar for many years now, developing and growing it with feedback from our clients. In other words, it’s built with wellbeing coordinators like you in mind. Most importantly, it’s always packed with key dates on the workplace wellbeing calendar throughout the year, helping you and your Wellbeing Champions plan your campaigns with ease.

Unlike other calendars online, we always confirm our dates with the organisers directly – we don’t just guess or use generic event websites.

If you have any suggestions for our calendar, such as new events or campaigns, feel free to reach out to us – we’re always happy to help!

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