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International Women's Day Posters 2023

Download your free posters to help promote women's health issues for International Women's Day 2023

Promote Women's Health Issues this March

Raise awareness around women’s health this March with our International Women’s Day Posters.

International Women’s Day is observed globally on the 8th March every year, aiming to raise awareness around a variety of issues that women face.

To help mark the event, we’ve put together three free posters that you can download and display around your workplace or on your intranet. These posters will help to promote awareness and key information around three crucial aspects of women’s health:

  • Breast Cancer – featuring a QR code that links to a YouTube video on how and when to perform a self-exam to check for symptoms.
  • Menopause Awareness – featuring a QR code linking to the Menopause Charity’s website, with further information and resources.
  • Period Equity – featuring a QR code that links to the Blood Good Period website, with resources and support around period equity.
Each poster contains a QR code, offering staff further information around the subject.
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International Women's Day Posters 2023

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