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LIVE Thurs 7th Sept • 2:00pm (BST) • 1hr

Heart Health at Work Webinar

Learn about the impact of poor heart health on the UK workforce, along with how you can help to minimise the risks in your workplace.

Plus, we’ll show you how a cardiovascular health check works and how they can be implemented in a business setting to improve the wellbeing and productivity of staff.

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Learn How to Support Heart Health in the Workplace

Discover the Impact of Poor Heart Health on your Workforce

Learn about the importance of heart health, how it supports our everyday function, and how poor heart health affects the UK workforce.

See a Workplace Health Screen in Action

See live how a cardiovascular health screen works, what the test results indicate, and how to improve heart health.

Learn how to Minimise Risks around Poor Heart Health in your Workplace

Discover the best ways to reduce the risks of poor heart health in your workforce.

Session Instructor

Andy Lee-O'Neil Portrait at New Leaf Health workplace wellbeing services

Andy Lee-O'Neil

This webinar will be led by New Leaf Health director Andy Lee O’Neil. In addition to leading New Leaf Health, Andy is also an incredibly experienced health check practitioner, with many years of hands-on workplace health intervention training.

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