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Cancer Symptoms Poster - Free Download

Help your staff understand the warning signs this World Cancer Day - Sunday 4th February 2024. Download our free symptoms poster for your workplace!

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Get Ready for World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day takes place on the 4th February each year, which is an ideal opportunity to use our free Cancer Symptoms Poster. This year, that’s a Sunday – but that doesn’t mean you can’t raise awareness in your workplace!

1 in 2 people will develop cancer at some point in their lifetime. Help your staff get to know the warning signs of cancer for their own body.

Free Cancer Symptoms Poster

Our free poster is ideal for any workplace.

It explains common symptoms and warning signs for a variety of different cancers in people of all genders.

There are many different cancers that can affect anyone. There are some general symptoms, however, that are common across a lot of prevalent cancers.

This poster covers those symptoms in an easy to understand and accessible way, giving your staff the information they need to know.

Free Cnacer Symptoms Poster from New Leaf Health
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