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New Leaf Health Consultancy

The New Leaf Health Consultancy Team has vast experience in supporting workplace wellbeing and has designed a range of solutions for variety of clients large, small and medium. Given the opportunity to appraise your company's workplace wellbeing needs, we would look carefully into your existing programme where applicable and carry out a comprehensive review; the objective being to achieve the most suitable wellbeing programme, with the appropriate services at a competitive cost.

Our consultancy service allows you to build the intelligence needed to deliver an affective wellbeing programme. It provides a framework to develop your strategy, underpins your wellbeing message and helps you to select the elements of a programme that will deliver the best results for your organisation and staff. We specialise in strategic development, wellbeing champion training, baseline needs assessment, programme design and evaluation. We also assist organisations that are working towards National Wellbeing Awards.



Needs Assessment Health Risk Appraisal Policy /Strategy Review


Strategy Development Activity Selection Building a wellbeing Calendar


Full project management Event Marketing Support Specialist Support Team


Evaluation process Management Reporting Recommendations

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